Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's New Again!

I have 2 of these here cubes- and I love loved them...when they were new and pretty, but that was like 8 years ago. I have used them to store the {Grands} toys, and well you can see that they were well used- plus cat loves to scratch on them...but I couldn't even think about throwing them out, so I have been looking for fabric to cover them... well I found the fabric at ....Wal-Mart!!!
Now they look like this:

I am not quite done- now i am looking for that tack trim- to go around the bottom and the top. If I find what I want I will finish and let you all in on the show. lol
I do not profess to be an expert or anywhere near an expert on re-covering furniture...but I sure have fun trying! Most of my problems are because I live too far away from the city, and I can't find what I want-at least that's my excuse-{ha-ha}
The best part is what you can store inside:

So when you come to visit- you will know where the stash is!!! Don't tell the {Grands}- cuz they can't drink least while their parents are here. ha-ha
The toys have a new home- Thanks to IKEA!!! Pictures later...
Well I've got to run...
I have a hot date I better get cutsied up...and it's a double date with the oldest and her Hubs...More about them----tomorrow!!! IT'S GOOD!!!
xoxo- MEG

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