Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's Going On???

I'll start with:

My Baby Apple(laptop) was under the weather... My computer would not upload any photos, so I pretty much could not post on my blog...this is a legit reason and I was hating it...believe me. Thanks to Jordon(Mac and internet Genius)we are back in business. YEAH!!! Hopefully no more problems for a while-ok!!!

So with that said:
We need to upload some pictures...Here we go... A LITTLE CHRISTMAS GOODNESS!!!


My Vintage Collection-Love IT!

Our Little Town

Grandma K with The Big Guy @
Our Big K Party!!!
She's been good, SANTA!!!

As I said before we had a very busy week last week, and it ended with the Big K party. It was a success, I think- because we survived and we had a great turn-out and that was fun, especially the Mr. and Mrs. appearance. They were great and MOST of the kids enjoyed it-some just screamed, kicked and cried!!! Oh, and the food was excellent as always-Kellers know how to cook and bake, those goodies were to die for... Thanks Family for all your help and love and attendance. kisses and hugs!!!

The decorating party at my house is over, thank goodness. Enough already- should've started in October. There is many more pictures to show, but I've gotta go...The Biggest Loser Finale Tonight...Hello and Goodbye.

Till tomarrow... or later tonight-Stay Tuned!!!
Christmas Love...MEG

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