Thursday, December 16, 2010

Best Christmas Ever!!!

My Christmas Baby is 29!!!

December 16th, 1981 - was the best Christmas Ever!!!

I will never forget that year- what a joy to celebrate the Savior's birth and also the birth of my first SON!

He was born right  on his due date, so that was good. He arrived  weighing- 8lbs. 12 1/2 oz. and was 21 1/2 inches long!!!Yeah, that was a big load of happiness--solid and a head full of black hair-JOY-

We were in the new hospital and we broke the record for having 20 babies in 24 hours, and my son was the biggest and cutest of them all. He made his Daddy proud because he was the only baby with sideburns!!! Ha-ha Every dad's dream, right?

He also broke my record- biggest baby- no drugs- ouch!!!

He has been a delight all his life, giving us joy all year long. Sometimes the joy was too much for me to handle... if you know what I mean. ha 
He has always been very giving and always concerned about people, especially the sick and wounded. I think that is why he is in the profession of helping hurt and sick people!!!

He adored his mom, big sister, Grandma Cruz, and Dad!!! He always did what big sister wanted him to do- even if it got him into trouble!!! He was always smiling, and made everyone laugh, because his hair stood straight up and no amount of hair product would keep it tame. He loved to eat, and he always put himself to bed- no begging- when he was tired he just went to bed- every Mom's dream!!!

When Mom had son # 2, He was mad and kinda attached himself to his Dad- and they are still attached today. Ha-ha

We have enjoyed our Christmas baby for 29 years and we are very grateful for all his love!!!

He has become a great husband, Daddy to 3 beautiful girls, and a caring Son, who shows us love, by cooking us yummy dinners. I hear a lot about my son from people he has worked with and people he has helped- it is all good and I could not be prouder of the man that he has become.

He has had some trials in his life, one of them being diagnosed a type 1 diabetic at age 20, right after he was married. We almost lost him a few times, and that is very difficult for us. We are thankful that he is doing better now and continues to do good. This is not easy for him and his wife, but they are diligent and faithful and they have testimonies that would make you shiver. For that I am grateful!!!

So Jesse, on this 29th Birthday---Have a Great Day--Sorry you have to work...Remember you are special to us and that we love you and appreciate you for who you are and what you do...I will be eternally grateful for My Christmas Baby and the Best Christmas ever in 1981!!! Happy, Happy Birthday- ENJOY - Because next year it is the big 30!!! Yikes


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  1. What a sweet tribute, I know I always say I wish you had a return policy, but Jesse is my perfect match. I am so blessed to have him in my life, thanks for raising such an amazing son! He really is the love of my life!