Thursday, December 23, 2010

All Because 2 People Fell In Love!!!

These are the 2 People...

And this is the "ALL BECAUSE"...

These are the many gifts that I have been wrapping for days. Plus there are 8 more big gift bags in the basement, and there are bigger gifts hidden somewhere...some of my kids read this blog, more locations will be given. ha-ha

Also, I am on the hunt for 2 small gifts- that I just remembered and I have no idea where they might be. hmmm...

I am relieved that the wrapping is done, now I can concentrate on other things, like...what are we eating???

Neighbor gifts are mostly delivered, and house is half clean, and it ever done?
Friend gifts are mostly done, some I will finish tonight...
No work until Tuesday-Yippee
My Bedroom is waiting for fairy- to clean & wash sheets.

So, ready or not Christmas is almost here- as in 1 day... and I for 1, am going to try to de-stress, and enjoy all the moments... of Christmas Bliss!!!

I am so glad I decided to "SIMPLIFY" this year!!!! Ha-Ha... Did You???

I hope you all enjoy the Blesst Day of our Savior's Birth...and ENJOY all the "MOMENTS"!!!

Merry Christmas, MEG

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  1. I had such a fun time at your house on Christmas, it is such a blessing to have such an amazing family. I love you all so much and feel so lucky to be a part of your wonderful family!