Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cutsie up your Planner!!!

Well as I said a couple of posts ago, I've been crafting. The first of many - is the MIGHTY PLANNER!!!

I believe if you plan... and most importantly... write it will be successful- whatever it may be. Are you with me???

I usually carry a franklin planner for work purposes, and because I like to hand write all things pertaining to my work business-but when it came to Christmas plans- I always use some beat up, tiny notebook, and shove it in my purse...well not this year- because I created something I could write lists... wants... sketches of more crafts... decor ideas... or just scribbles, and it's kinda cute and simple and that's what works for me.

So if you see me hauling around these things:

Just smile and know that I will be SUCCESSFUL this Holiday Season!
HA- THAT IS TOO MUCH I KNOW - Sorry for that over confidence, but a girl can dream can't she???

You never know...things just might get done around here- with the help of my Cutsie Planner!!!

So until next post (hopefully, crafty) Carry On and Plan in your planner- cute or not!!!

Oh yeah and ENJOY THE SEASON!!!


1 comment:

  1. That is the best idea and so stink'in cute!! It must be the cool thing to do this year, cause Jamie gave Lacey one too! Although its not as crafty and cute as yours! HaHa!!! Really, I think I may actually attempt one!!! I need some fun right now, so this is it!!
    Thanks for your happy attitude, I can always count on you to make me smile!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!