Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Recharged and....Ready!!!

Well Friends--- I think I have gotten over the "Christmas already" sickness. I know...I hate to admit it, but I was procastinating-BIG TIME!!! But I'm healed and I'm full steam ahead.

I had no plans for decor this year, so I just scavenged through all my stuff, and I have a lot of STUFF!!! I just wanted something like you see in Pottery Barn, but the budget was not gonna do it... so...I just starting throwing things up and changing things up and 3 days later, I finally got my tree, my nativity, my mantel, and 2 cute and simple garlands D-O-N-E...pheeew!!! What a job---kudos to all of you ladies and men who do all the work to make your home a wonderland for all to enjoy!!!

I now am working on my table centerpiece, and maybe taking out my vintage snowmen, and snow ladies!


That will have to wait- because me and R. are in charge of the BIG K. Christmas Party-yeah I know, who the heck gave us that assignment??? I mean really, don't you know I'm a little busy!!!  I'm also in charge of Christmas party for my employees and board members, and I'm trying to wrap up the budget at WORK, and I'm in charge of all the decorating at WORK, and I have many parties to attend, and meetings, oh and let's not forget about all the presents to buy- and WRAP- and all the friends that need my help, and all the cute grandkid projects that I want to do, and all the movies I want to watch, and uh-oh, I FORGOT to buy the angel tree gifts...sheesh... and the baking, oh, and doing dishes would be nice too- and all the deep wounds that Jack has inflicted on my body... so... yeah I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and I sometimes want to throw- up, or cry- or play dead... Ask R. and he'll tell you to leave me alone- because I'mm a little CRANKY!!! He is pretty much just laying low, and making sure I eat a lot, drink lots of water, consume pounds of chocolate, and trying to help, and that has saved me!!!

Thanks R.- someday I'll be back to normal (whatever that means) ha-ha. He even bought me a new garland for fireplace because he could not stand all the screaming coming out of my mouth, because none of my lights would work.

Oh, and he came up with a crafty idea all on his own and I am liking it, so next post...you will see what he came up with...oops...don't tell anyone about that because- he is a macho man- and I don't want to ruin his identity. SSHHH!!!

So without further ADOO... the pictures:

THE TREE - with fur...

THE TREE- without fur...
But with Santa.

MANTLE...with Stockings...

THE MANTLE- no stockings...

This is years and years worth of reading...
Well with that done, I  must apologize for the crappy photos, call it bad lighting and shaky, stressed hands... oh yeah and why can't I remove my mismatched lamps from the mantle-duh!

I have a lot of dollar store items in the decor, so see how many you can see??? 

Can you see the funny snowman next to the white tree? Well, I broke his leg off- so R. glued it for me, and in doing so, he burned his finger-blister and all- ouch, so I did't have the guts to tell him that I wasn't going to use the little snowman in my scheme, so... I just stuck him there to be nice- and I just noticed he is in the picture...ha-ha...I am CRAAAZZZEEE!!! That snowman has got to G-O- don't you think???

Oh and yes, I really am enjoying this- Joyous Season- just give me a few days and I'll be in a giving, loving, sharing, and Christ-like mood... I'm just a little low on chocolate, so hang in there everyone, and keep your distance-ha-just kidding.

Thanks to my cute kids for pitching in & helping with the BIG K Party!!!

So until next time...may all of you wonderful blog readers...Have a Joyous Week and remember:
We're all too blesst-to be depressed!!!(thanks Jeri - my beautiful niece - for your words of wisdom) Many more pics to come, so you all come back now!!!

Hugs, MEG

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  1. So, I don't even have a tree up yet, and not having the Christmas spirit yet either! I feel kinda like "Scrooge". So, if you drive by and see a sign that says "Bah Hum Bug", you will know that's where the Montgomerys live!!!
    But hey, I love your cute tree and decor!!! and, I love your great attitude! Merry Christmas!!!