Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New John---New Jack---



Well, there she is in all her glory...finally installed, because my plumber hubby is a very busy, and wanted guy. ha-ha  I must add that she has a mighty flush, and that is fantastic in my world...and she is so white she sparkles!!! Who knew I could go gaga- over the john- but I did!!!

Now, about New Jack!!!!

This is New Jack...remember Jewels...well she is a he, and he is named Jack!!! 

You can never trust people who are desperate to give away kitties (ABBIE)

She said she was a girl, because that's what I preferred, but R. was looking at kitty the other day and started laughing... I asked what was so funny and he said: Jewels is a funny name for a boy cat...what??? 

Well I haven't checked it out, but I'm sure R. knows what he's talking about...and the person-(Daughter) who gave the kitty to me swears it's a girl...hmmm.
And to think this said person has had 2 kids...scary thought...I'm just saying. What kind of sex ed. did she take in school anyways??? Apparently she flunked the final exam-don't you think? me too (scratching head).

So I guess you could say that all is well in our little life- just a little strange, cuz what normal person would blog about toilets and sex ed. and such!!! Me that's Whoooooo!!!
Love, Meg

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  1. Jesse said we should double check "Princesses" Sex but neither of us cared enough to actually do it, gross!