Sunday, December 19, 2010

Comfort and Joy!!!

Just a short post about last Thursday: A party!!! Imagine that... 

A Cozy Cabin
Out in the middle of NO WHERE!!!

Yes, this was the place, and it was a perfect setting for a cozy Christmas Party!!! Don't you think???

The cabin was all decked out in Christmas decor, and the fireplace was flaming and the food was delish... what more could a girl ask for??? NADA!!!

The place was oozing comfort and Joy. The friends were delightful and we even had a fun gift exchange...of course there was stealing involved (as in gifts). I think everyone left happy and satisfied and might I add- well nourished- ready to take on the Holidays and enjoy it!!!

Thanks to all who helped and added to the JOY!!!

Oh Yeah, I made these little ditties for each place setting- CUTE- I think...

I had to go cheap, because of the numbers I had to make, so I went to Wal-mart, of course.
Candle- $1.50
Joy ornament- $1.00
I used a red glitter chenille stem to tie the ornament on. I could have glued it on the candle, but I didn't know how they would want to use it- candle alone, or ornament alone, or leave them attached. Who knows- there are so many options- ha-ha - not true- but hey, I was on a time schedule- so that's what I did!!!

So there you have it- COMFORT & JOY- It is the season for that... right???

All my guests loved that's all that my world!!!

Have A Fabulous Week & Find JOY in your JOURNEY!!!

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