Monday, December 20, 2010

Spiritual Sunday!!!

Sunday- Aaahhh- So Great!!!

Started out with:

  • Listening to my R.- singing in the ward choir-Love his voice-
  • Singing in Primary with my Sunbeams
  • Teaching my Sunbeams about Baby Jesus
  • Watching my Sunbeams play with the Nativity
  • Realizing how my sunbeams love Jesus
  • Realizing how much I love Jesus
  • Sharing treats with my sunbeams
  • Having visitors in my class (Tannon & Cloey)
  • Having my daughter help me with the sunbeams
  • Spiritual talk with our Home Teachers
  • Good food that R. & Abbie Cooked for us
  • Funny things that my Grands do and say
  • Watching Christmas movies
  • Eating brownies
All day was pleasant and I felt My Savior's Love...

This is what I came up with for my little Sunbeams:

I love my little Sunbeams, and all that they have taught me...

I hope you all had a Spiritual Sunday also... Because that is fuel for the upcoming week. I love fuel, don't you???

Now if it would quit raining and start snowing- I would be crazy excited- because this girl needs some snow for Christmas!!!

Stay Warm and Remember we all need Fuel... This Christmas, and all year long!!!

Love, Meg

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  1. Love Sunbeams! Hope you have a WOnderful Christmas too. XO